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We are so proud to offer the complete line of TWIN PINES products. World renowned in the Doll World, we are sure you will find TWIN PINES Doll Cleaning products to be safe as well as easy to use. D-stinker is used to eliminate odors from mold and mildew. It is not a masking agent. After application D-stinker leaves a neutral environment with no fragrance cover up or malodor smell. The pleasant scent of the product dissipates as malodors are eliminated. D-stinker has been safely tested by TWIN PINES on common metals, plastics, rubber and washable fabrics with no adverse effects. D-stinker was tested on dolls by TWIN PINES for two years with great success. Odors from mold and mildew, food and even animal waste odors were successfully eliminated. Please be aware that there are exceptions and some dolls made of urea-formaldehyde (1930s and 1940s hard plastic) are beyond help. You also have to avoid soaking or over-wetting a doll which can dull the finish of the doll. In addition to dolls, D-stinker is effective in eliminating odors from sewers, meat processing, hospitals, veterinary clinics, day care centers and nursing homes. D-stinker is even effective against foot odors and just about any other malodor. Of course, as with all products, we do advise you to test first in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Used correctly, this product is a must for successfully eliminating the mold, mildew and odors that are often found on our dolls of yesteryear.



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D-stinker - 4 oz.
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